How Can I Help?

We can’t provide diapers for low-income families, raise awareness about diaper need, and influence change in public policy without your help! There are five ways you can help babies and toddlers in Minnesota.

Donate Financially

The Diaper Bank can purchase diapers and wipes at a fraction of retail cost. Every dollar you donate to the Diaper Bank can buy more diapers than you could purchase with that dollar at the store. Donate today!

Donate Diapers

You can drop off new or opened packages at diapers at one of our drop off locations.

Host a Diaper Drive

Do you know other people who would want to provide diapers to families in need? Fantastic! Organize a diaper drive to collect diapers and financial donations. Check out our Diaper Drive Kit for all of the materials you need to get started.

Start a Collection Site

Lots of locations around the Twin Cities are happy to keep a diaper collection bin as long as someone else can pick the diapers up. Do you have a child in daycare? Visit a local business frequently? Ask them if they would keep a collection bin and set up a schedule to pick up those diapers.


We can always use help! Fill out this form to let us know the kinds of volunteer activities you’d like to help with. We’ll get in touch to assign you a volunteer project. Thank you in advance for helping the Diaper Bank get clean diapers to Minnesota babies.

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